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Plans and Dates for Our Learn to Sail Holidays, Yacht Charters & Cruises in Asia



The full itinerary is never set allowing guests to participate in the planning if they wish. There are many opportunities for taking in the numerous islands in between any of these destinations.

We have just completed a trip to the Philippines and have returned to Phuket where Meniscus will be under repair for the remainder of this year. We will not be running any courses in the future but will be planning exciting and intersting cruises for 2015. We will look forward to hearing from you and will publish plans later in the year.

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20 % discountMeniscus is now cruising SE Asia. She has recently visited Thailand (including Phuket, Langkawi, Lanta, Phi Phi, Taratao and the Butangs), Malaysia, Myanmar, Burma, the Andaman Islands, Singapore, Sumatra and Borneo. Up to 20 % discount on some of our Trips.

We have a number of activities planned until the end of the year and we will continue to update the plan which can be amended for groups and flight arrangements.

Normally the weather is perfect for sailing with calm sea conditions and light to moderate breezes. The scenery here is extremely unusual and spectacular, towering limestone islands rise from the sea, magnificent cliffs, caves, stalagmites, stalactites. Wildlife abounds above and below the waves and we often see sea eagles, monkeys, wild boar, otters, dolphins, manatee, rays and much more (if wildlife is of interest this can be a feature in your cruise so please ask).

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April - September 2014

We have just completed a trip to the Philippines and have returned to Phuket where Meniscus will be under repair for the remainder of this year. We will not be running any courses in the future but will be planning exciting and intersting cruises for 2015. We will look forward to hearing from you and will publish plans later in the year.

Available for charters or courses - Other vessels are available - please apply.

YM Theory Refresher Course - A brief refresher for those wishing to take the practical exam - Please apply.
YM Practical Training and Exam -7 days €1,300 per head plus exam fees payable to ---

September 2013 - FEB 2014 The Philippines Cruise - (Now completed)

This plan is subject to change depending on weather and other factors so all dates must be confirmed prior to booking.

Leaving from Phuket this cruise will take us down the straits of Mallaca to Singapore then across to Kuching and along the Coast of
Borneo to Kota Kinabaloo across to Palawan and then up into the Philippines. There will be opportunities to join mile building legs,
take or course, charter or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

These are the planned dates subject to confirmation and mileage is approximate. We will sail as closely as we can to the final dates
which we agree at the time of booking subject to weather conditions at the time of sailing.

0 - 0 Sep - Phuket Langkawi cruise/course - 7 days €1,300 ph - Special Discount 20%  to €1050
180 miles - Possible stops at Kho Racha Kho Yai, Phi Phi, Kho Lanta, Taratao and several more

0 - 0 Sep - Langkawi - Port Klang - 7 days €1,300 ph - Special Discount 20% to €1050
250 miles - Visit Penang, Lamut, Pankor, Pulau Inda, Port Klang.

KL Layover - Port Klang is close to Kuala Lumpa for flights and visits.

0 - 0 Sep - Port Klang -Singapore cruise/course - 7 days €1,300 ph  - Special Discount 20% to €1050
220 miles - Visit Port Dickson, Water Islands, Malacca, Pulau Pisang, Puteri, Johor Baru, Sabana Cove etc

Singapore Layover - Mooring in Malaysia - Singapore is close for flights and visits.

0 - 0 Oct - Singapore Kuching cruise/course - 7 days €1,300 ph - Special Discount 12% to €1150
560 miles - Visit Santubong Kuching - A great ocean passage, build miles, or do your Ocean.

Kuching Layover - visit Kuching City, the National Park and the Baboons in the rain forest, climb Santubong Mountain.

Pos 0 - 0 8 days direct to KK then Kudat ready to leave for Palawan.

Here we have two options of sailing straight for KK or breaking the trip down into 2 legs. If the wind is good then option 1 will be preferred and option 2 if the conditions are not ideal.

Option 1 = 0 - 0 Oct - Kuching Miri Brunei KK  - 8 days €1,500 ph - Special Discount 10% to €1350
450 - 500 miles - Visit Kuchin Sibu Miri, Kuala Belat, Brunei, Labuan Victoria Harbour, Sutera KK

Option 2 - 0 - 0 Oct - Kuching Miri or Brunei  - 7 days €1,300 ph  - Special Discount 12% to €1150
270 - 350 miles - Visit Kuchin Sibu Miri, Kuala Belat, Brunei

0 - 0 Oct - Miri to KK cruise/course - 7 days €1,300 ph - - Special Discount 12% to €1150
200 miles - Kuala Belat, Sungai Brunei, Labuan Victoria Harbour, Sutera KK

Here there are 2 possible routes on either the North or South side of Palawan depending on the weather system at the time.

0 - 0 Nov - Leaving from KK or Kudat to Tuba River Palawan - cruise/course - 7 days €1,300 ph
200 miles - Visit Kudat, Balambangan Is, Banggi Island, Candaraman
Island, Canabugan Is Balabac

Town, Bungsuk Island - South Palawan Tuba River or North Palawan Eran Bay

0 - 0 Nov - Palawan - S Route - Tuba River to Porta Princessa
cruise/course - 7 days €1,300 ph
180 miles - Tuba River, , James Brooke, Rasa Is, Malaneo Is, Puerto
Princesa Honda Bay.

N route Dumhe Bay and Malampaya Sound.

0 - 0 Nov - S Route from Puerto Princess & N Route from Malampaya
Sound to Busuanga Island - 7 days €1,300 ph - 180 miles - Dumaran Island, Linapacan Island,

0 - 0 Dec - Palawan - 7 days €1,300 ph
0 - 0 Dec - Palawan to Busuanga €1560 ph

TBA - TBA Dec - Busuanga Island to Porta Galera - 7 days €1,300 ph
250 miles - Ambuloeg Island, Tablas, Puetra Galera

Once we arrive in Mindoro (San Jose) we can be much more flexible about
where and what we do and we can take special charters among the Islands from Puerta Galera to
Manilla, Paga Pas Bay, Marivelles Harbour, Tribao Bay, Puetra Galera to Masbate, Puetra Galera to BoraCay (Caticlan) as well as Cebu, Negros, Leyete and Mendanao.

Dec 2013 to Feb 2014 - We will cruise the Islands including Tablas,
Panay (Kalibo), Cebu, Negros (Baraclod), Leyete, Mendanao (Dipolog), Mendanao (Zamboanga). The
plan will be drawn up as things develop.

We will be returning in March 2014 via KK Kota Kinabalu, Brunei, Singapore etc.

January 2014

Available for charter - --- Courses - pending details on application.

TBA - TBA Jan - Philippines cruise or --- course - 7 days €1300 p/h

February 2014

Available for charters or courses - Other vessels are available - please apply.

TBA Feb - TBA Feb - Philippines cruise/ course - 7 days €1300 ph
TBA Feb - TBA Mar - Philippines cruise/course -7 days €1300 ph

TBA Feb - TBA Mar - Philippines Borneo Singapore Malaysia cruise/course - 14 days €2500 ph

The Andaman's Cruise

We are looking for people to commit to an expedition to the The Anderman Islands if you are interested in joining us please let us know as soon as possible. Here are some dates which we have set and different legs can be confirmed on booking. It is advisable to book this cruise well in advance in order to arrange all the necessary visas and permits. There are superb opportunities to gain ocean miles with possibilities of visiting the Similan Islands and/or the Surin Islands when sailing to or from Phuket to these out of the way Indian Islands. Cruising the islands will be adventurous and involve fascinating discoveries from the unique culture to the rare interesting flora and fauna both above and below the water. In particular we are planning the trip to see Manta Rays and Whales. Book for a minimum of a week but we recommend at least two or three weeks to cruise some of the 572 islands before returning.

  • W<1 - 00 Feb - 00 Feb - Phuket - Andaman's Cruise/--- course - 7 days per head
  • Wk 2 - 00 Feb - 00 Feb - Andaman Cruise - Details on Application - 7 days
  • Wk 3 - 00 Feb - 00 Mar - Andaman Cruise - Details on Application- 7 days
  • Wk 4 - 00 Mar - 00 Mar - Andaman Cruise - Details on Application- 7 days
  • Wk 1/2 00 Feb - 00 Mar - Phuket Andaman's Cruise/--- course - 14 days ?POA/€POA per hd
  • Wk 2 to 3 - 00 Feb - 00 Mar - Andaman Cruise/--- course - 14 days
  • Wk 5/6 00 Feb - 00 Mar - Andaman's Phuket Cruise/--- course - 14 days

Other combinations of dates may be available on application.

*   *   *

We are ready for a busy and active sailing season through into next year. Whether you want to charter the whole boat or join one of our cruises and courses we will be more than happy to hear from you. There is a plan above but the dates and destinations can be changed if these do not suit your requirements and all plans are subject to change so please check before booking. Also if you have something special in mind get in touch and I will plan something just for you - let me turn your dreams into reality.

We plan to stay in Asia cruising between Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Burma, Cambodia Vietnam, Hong Kong and Philippines. There is a huge amount to do and see here. The area is a place of extremes from highly westernised tourist and business areas to remote fishing villages. With hundreds of different islands there is a vast cultural diversity. Interesting artifacts abound including textiles, painting, jewellery, furniture and carvings. There are some amazing things to see including volcanoes, mountains, rain forests, buffalo, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, native sailing pinisi' and canoes, reef diving, surfing and fishing to name a few. The people are wonderfully friendly and interested. Their own cultures vary considerably from island to island and from village to village. This area is really the most interesting place I have visited to date with so much extra potential to explore. The Sailing and Cruising has been excellent with calm seas, clear blue skies, great scenery, clear water and good snorkeling, plenty of fish to see, catch as well as friendly visits to the local villages. I have recently seen a 12 - 15 meter Whale Shark, Dolphin, Reef Sharks, Leopard Shark and Manta Rays in these waters.

Safety Issues

At the time of writing, although there may be travel advisories issued by various governments they normally relate to major resorts and do not apply to small and remote islands. We are not aware of any current political or religious disturbances in the area which would cause a problem. No where is 100% safe anymore but the main targets are always going to be places with a high density of people. As we specialise in finding quiet and remote places we tend to spend most of our time well out of the way of any potential trouble spots. Some parts of southern Thailand close to the Malaysian border should avoided. Contact us if you have any concerns and we will endeavour to supply the best and most recent information available.

You should of course take the same precautions against theft etc., that you would take at home or anywhere else. I have no hesitation in recommending the area as a holiday destination.

If you would like more information on where you could join Meniscus complete the Online Enquiry Form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to send a message. Please send text only emails with no attachments and make your subject heading relevant ie. "Booking Meniscus".
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